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That treat you didn't know you needed...

You know when you're searching for that one thing you've craved all day whilst training? That simple little treat to help keep you ticking over the miles? Well look no further than these delicious treats from a home-town operation here in lovely Boulder, Colorado!

The Vafels Story

"We were first introduced to the Liège Wafel — a brioche-based dough and pearl sugar infused snack — as cyclists racing in Belgium where wafel carts line the streets. Unlike any waffle you’ve ever had, Vafels are a modern take on a centuries-old tradition. Handmade in Boulder, Colorado from carefully selected organic and plant-based ingredients, Vafels are delivered in environmentally friendly, compostable packaging."

So what makes these different?

Unlike a typical waffle batter that requires baking powder for leavening, Vafels uses active yeast, the centuries-old method. Their Brioche-Based dough cold-ferments overnight. The slow rise allows time for more complex aromas and flavors to develop.  Can you say yummy? 

Finally, their waffle dough is then infused with pearl sugar imported from Belgium in an authentic Liège wafel iron, caramelizing sugars to perfection.

*Important Note*

...we freeze these Vafels at our HQ and recommend they be re-freezed once they reach their destination unless they are being consumed within 24hrs.  


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