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USWE Warm Changing Robe




What we think

USWE (pronounced - YOU-SWEEE) makes one thing: phenomenal product. 

...and they don't just make packs!

 The Warm Changing Robe

Have you ever been standing in the rain or cold before a race, freezing your butt off? Shivering, trying to get ready, and not necessarily stoked?

This is a stowable changing robe – small when you fold it, oversized when you wear it. It's got a thin waterproof fabric with taped seams that keep you dry and protected from the wind and rain before and after your big race. The inside of the robe is designed with a comfy microfiber liner that gives you the sensation of wearing a microfiber towel. It will dry you up after a wet race and keep you warm before the next one!

This robe is intentionally oversized to provide a portable changing room. You just slip into the robe, zip it up and slide your arms inside and get your gear on or off. 

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and wind proof.
  • Taped seams and comfy microfiber
  • Two lined pockets to keeps your hands warm
  • 2-way zipper 
  • Chest pocket 

The Warm Changing robe features a removable chest pocket. Customize and make it your own with a USWE patch, too.

How to Use It:

Use it before a race start or training and right after crossing the finish line when you want to get back out of your kit. Just slip it on and enjoy the comfort!

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