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USWE Flow MTB Protector Pack




What we think

USWE (pronounced - YOU-SWEEE) makes one thing: phenomenal product. 

Lately, if you've been paying attention to some of the racing scene, you've seen these on some world-class athletes crushing events like Leadville 100, UNBND Gravel, or SBT GRVL.

USWE makes bounce-free action packs that provide the perfect fit on an individual level – developed and tested together with top athletes, pro mountain bikers, and core weekend warriors since 2007. Their mission from day one is to design packs that you can wear in action with a super-snug race fit.

What makes this pack different?

Tailored for the aggressive adventurist, the Flow 16 and 25 are your dependable companions for protecting your back and gear on MTB adventures in rugged terrain.

As part of the Protector Pack series, this is a practical MTB backpack that instills confidence and safety through the removable multi-compliant CE-certified SAS-TEC central back protector (SC-1/CB52). Crafted from flexible viscoelastic foam with a "memory" effect, it quickly regains its shape after absorbing impacts or deformation, ensuring your safety during unexpected challenges or falls.

This pack was designed to make your big mountain bike days easier, too. You can take a break or use transit and attach your helmet to the back of the backpack. It also incorporates many features of the Shred pack, including rain fly and armor attachment points. They've thought of it all with this one.


  • 16L or 25L total volume
  • 3.0L / 100 oz hydration capacity (not Included)
  • Weight:  1200-1495g (*excl. protector)
  • Certified back protector
  • Helmet carry system
  • Rain cover
  • Armor attachment points 
  • NDM 2.0 + Snug Me Harness System 

What are my Options?

This pack comes in either a 16L or 25L total storage option. is a one size fits most, in USWE Red or Horizon Blue. For torso length: 43 - 55cm / 17 - 22".

Setup Step 1: The harness is attached to the backplate using velcro, detach the harness to reveal multiple harness size markings stemming from 1-10. Taller or bigger people usually find the best setting around 5-10 and shorter people usually find a good fit at 1-5

Setup Step 2: Use the Snug-Me System to set it up around the whole torso for a secure and bounce free fit.

How do I use it?

Use this for big days in the backcountry or when tackling aggressive terrain on the mountain bike for more peace of mind.


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