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USWE Drink Tube Kit




What we think

What you put in your pack should come out tasting the same. This is why USWE diligently crafted their Hydraflex and Hydrafusion tubes. Made with taste-free TPU, they ensure you get the taste you wanted.

These drink tubes are designed to keep your water tasting fresh and flowing. Because they're non-kinking, you receive a steady flow every single time.

These super flexible tubes ensure a consistent flow and are very convenient and easy to use alongside the High-flow Blaster bite valve. Their valve seals automatically after each sip, so you can put it back in place and keep rolling without worrying about any drip. It also has a twist on/off feature that prevents leaks when not in use.

Your Options:

There are two replaceable Plug-n-Play style tubes: the Hydraflex and Hydrafusion.

The HydraFlex: the standard red tubing that comes with most hydration packs. This is a light and simple option.

The Hydafusion: a durable and lightweight tube with built-in foam insulation. This one was born out of the desire to keep your fluids cooler on the hottest days.

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