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USWE Brant Women's 35




What we think

USWE (pronounced - YOU-SWEEE) makes one thing: phenomenal product. Lately, if you've been paying attention to some of the racing scene, you've seen these on some world-class athletes crushing events like Leadville 100, UNBND Gravel, or adventure races.

USWE makes bounce-free action packs that provide the perfect fit on an individual level – developed and tested together with top athletes, pro mountain bikers, and core weekend warriors since 2007. Their mission from day one is to design packs that you can wear in action with a super-snug race fit.

What makes this pack different?

The Brant is a functional and versatile alpine adventure pack. It's made for a big day ski touring when you need all the goodies for a full day. Even more though, it's fitted with RECCOa rescue technology used by organized rescue teams as an additional tool to quickly locate people buried by an avalanche or lost in the outdoors.

This pack has all the bells and whistles, including (but not limited to): a diagonal and A-frame ski carrier system, front snowboard fixation system, a stow away ice axe/pole fixation and rope attachment points, and Thermo Cell tech. It also incorporates many features of the winter packs, including Thermo Cell technology to insulate your items and hydration against the cold weather. They've thought of it all with this one.

The Brant is designed for ultimate safety in combination with the needs of on-the-go access to your essentials. 


  • 35L total storage 
  • 3.0L / 100 oz (Bladder not included)
  • 11 total storage options
  • RECCO 
  • Ski carrier system
  • Snowboard fixation system
  • Ice axe/pole fixation system
  • Rope attachment points
  • Thermocell Tech 

How do I use it?

This is the one for your all day ski tours in the backcountry. It's ideal for packing what your need, staying comfortable, and more peace of mind with RECCO tech.


This one has a shorter back plate for a smaller frame!

Torso length: 39 – 50 cm / 15 – 20”
Waist circumference: 71 - 130 cm / 28 - 51”


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