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USWE Body Chamois Cream




What we think

USWE (pronounced - YOU-SWEEE) makes one thing: phenomenal product. 

...and they don't just make packs!

This high-end water-free cream was developed to protect the skin against chafing and saddle sores, for cyclists that spend long hours on the saddle.

  • Lubricating Barrier – Protects against chafing and saddle sores
  • Unique Upsalite Formula - Changing the game of Chamois Cremes
  • Easy Application – Formula is non-greasy and easy to apply
  • Long Lasting – Keeps the intended effect during the ride
  • Water-Free Formula – Durable and weatherproof
  • Easy To Wash – Doesn't stain or leave greasy residue

Cyclists are particularly prone to developing saddle sores. When this happens, these areas become red and, in some cases, can even develop bumps. You do NOT want those affecting your training, rides, and (ultimately) pleasure on the bike. 

How to Use It:

The Chamois Cream is applied direct to the skin and/or fabric at areas prone to friction such as the butt and inner thighs as needed.

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