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USWE Body Anti-Chafe Stick




What we think

USWE (pronounced - YOU-SWEEE) makes one thing: phenomenal product. 

...and they don't just make packs!

The Anti-chafe stick will save you pain and discomfort during long races, backpacking, or adventures. It's super easy to use and has been performance field tested by professional athletes.

  • Prevents chafing and blistering
  • Protects the skin by a lubricating barrier
  • Easy to apply without getting greasy hands
  • Water-free formulation
  • From naturally derived minerals, additive free and safe.

Chafing happens when friction gradually wears away the outer layers of your skin, creating what we often call "hotspots." These areas become red and, in some cases, can even develop blisters (or worse). Maintaining comfort is key to avoiding the pain and discomfort chafing can cause during races, ultimately boosting your confidence and performance.

How to Use It:

Apply The Anti-chafe directly to the body where chafing occurs such as: chest, feet, toes, shoulders, joints, inner thighs, etc.

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