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What we think

UnTapped heard you loud and clear: “I need a waffle with this maple syrup!”

With that feedback, the UnTapped Maple Waffle was born. Many people have already tried and loved their original UnTapped Maple Syrup packs, and now you can pack that flavor along with you in their new Maple Waffle. The UnTapped Maple Waffle has its roots in the Belgian Stroopwafel, but their waffle uses pure maple syrup: one of the world's great natural sweeteners.

The real thing:

In fact, all of the sugar and flavoring in this waffle comes exclusively from maple trees. Rather than the industry standard “natural” maple flavor and brown rice syrup as used in most waffles, UnTapped went straight to the real thing.

Their waffles are USDA certified organic and are made with sustainably produced Palm Fruit Oil, giving you clean burning energy you can feel good about. They offer 150cals per waffle with 20g of carbs, making them a great addition to your fueling plan.

At The Feed, we commend UnTapped for sticking to their priorities and bringing you a waffle with high-quality ingredients. These come in four great flavors, so there’s something for every palate.

How to use it:

We think UnTapped Waffles are great anytime of day! They work as a pre-workout, mid-workout or even a tasty afternoon snack. Simple and sweet ingredients provide energy to keep you moving!

Pro tip: heat up in the microwave or dunk in your cup of coffee for some tasty pre morning workout fuel.

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