Untapped Mapleaid



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Meet the latest and greatest sports drink mix made by the same family owned company that brought you their famous waffles and maple syrup. This unique product can help you meet all of your hydration and fueling needs without unnecessary additives or ingredients. Made with pure, unrefined maple sugar this drink mix is packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Untapped came out with two spectacular flavors when they released these, both made with pure organic maple sugar and a touch of sea salt.  Untapped Ginger Mapleaid contains ginger to help settle the stomach and provide a natural source of flavor.  Untapped Lemon-Tea Mapleaid has a crisp citrus taste that comes only from real lemons, and organic black tea that provides a natural caffeine boost. Untapped Mapleaid provides both clean, quick burning carbohydrates as well as essential electrolytes to make sure you stay fueled and hydrated during your training sessions. Enjoy UnTapped's take on the classic drink Vermont's farmers have used for generations!

How We Use It:

Mix one scoop with 12 oz. of water and shake. Take with you for your long duration rides or runs to help meet your fueling and hydration needs!

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