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UCAN Performance Energy Drink Mix




What we think

UCAN Performance Energy Drink Mix is made to maximize your potential and push yourself further than you normally would. Made with a key ingredient called LIVSTEADY, this drink mix gives you enough steady energy to finish any tough workout without a bonk.

What's in it?

One serving provides 21g of low-GI carbs and 170mg of sodium. Made with zero sugars and zero stimulants, this drink mix will give you some real clean energy!

Of course, a statement like this must be followed by a question and some explanation. How does a zero sugar drink with no stimulant provide energy? LIVSTEADY


It is a low-glycemic, complex carbohydrate made by a patented cooking method applied to a specific strain of non-GMO corn. Cool huh?

What do we love?

It's real food and is naturally prepared! We love how science can make a difference by experimentation and finding a one-of-a-kind carbohydrate source that is key to unlocking your very best potential.

Because it is low-glycemic, it should not spike your blood sugar or stimulate a post-energetic crash. This is a great option for those looking to keep total caloric intake on the lower side through their weekly workouts. This product is made to provide you clean and steady energy, long enough for you to finish your workout and feel at your best. 

Also, the best part(in our opinion) is the lack of GI distress or belly aches – even during/after a very long workout!

What're my options?

It comes in a variety of light flavors, including a Plain one which can be nice for playing with ways to adjust your fueling. This product is not too sweet and actually has a subtle flavor. All in a big 30 serving bag.

The Feed Fave: We love the Tropical Orange flavor!

How to use it:

We like to take one serving of UCAN 30-45 minutes before a workout to get some clean energy. However, we do recommend that you mix UCAN thoroughly with water to properly dissolve it. For longer workouts, we recommend drinking a serving every 60-90 minutes to sustain your energy stores! 

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