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UCAN Snack Bars




What we think

These new snack bars from UCAN are a great way to get long lasting energy on the go. They're clean, low glycemic, and a great source of fuel to keep you moving.

Why do we love these?

Thus, these Snack Bars are amazing for minimizing big doses of sugar while providing the nourishment needed. They're super "slow burning" and make for a great bump in fuel for your workout, meeting, or activity.

Many athletes, and people in general, tend to consume excessive amounts of sugar during periods of being sedentary. This causes uneven blood sugar levels over the course of day. Over time, this can negatively impact performance, recovery, health, and longevity. Stable blood sugar levels make you much less likely to feel fatigued, improve body composition, and control your hungry and cravings.

What's in them?

Made with UCAN's patented LIVSTEADY, these bars will deliver a slow release of energy without causing a spike in blood sugar. Their LIVSTEADY formula contains no sugars or stimulants, is GMO and gluten free, and delivers long lasting energy to get you through a long day or workout.

Unlike many bars out there, UCAN Energy Bars are made with clean, natural ingredients without any additives. They are also gluten free, vegan, and keto-friendly! Whether you're heading into a workout or a long afternoon, these bars will give you a consistent delivery of energy that allows you to feel and perform your best!

How to use it:

We like to eat these for a simple pre-workout snack 30-90 minutes before a session for steady energy. Also, they're great for immediately post-workout to get some replenishing carbohydrates. These can also make a great anytime bar for daily energy to help provide slow burning fuel and curb cravings!

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