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UCAN Performance Energy Protein Drink Mix




What we think

We’ve all been there… it’s your post-workout recovery time and you dread that drop in energy that seems to come. At the same time, your cravings are super high and you just cannot settle for a flavorless protein shake.

We know this window is key for recovery and having a tempting shake to consume is key for making this happen.

What makes this one so good?

It’s safe to say that this is one of the best recovery products we have, especially since it is trusted by professional athletes.

This Vegan-friendly pea protein shake helps rebuild your muscles & optimize your recovery. Additionally, it's low-glycemic LIVSTEADY formula helps stabilize your blood sugar, restore muscle glycogen stores and helps you control your cravings.

Combining the two helps keep you energized and aids in muscle repair post-workout. It's a slow-digesting drink mix that's perfect to prevent that uncomfortable bloat and bellyache, which we know athletes can get after a hard day.

You’re basically getting ALL the recovery benefits, without any GI distress, blood sugar spike or ongoing cravings! Not only can this product be used after your workout, but you can actually start your morning with this as well.

What's in it?

As mentioned, it uses a plant-based protein + LIVSTEADY. It has 20g of protein and 24g of carbohydrates. If you want to add some more carbohydrates, just toss in a banana or some honey to increase carb intake.

Whether you like Vanilla or Chocolate, this drink mix can be made into a yummy breakfast smoothie to start your day with some clean energy and quality protein.

The Feed Fave: Chocolate! 

How We Use It:

We like to make a yummy smoothie immediately after our workouts. This drink mix blends well with absolutely anything, so experimenting is key to finding the perfect smoothie. Best used after a tough workout, but can also be used for a healthy breakfast shake!

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