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UCAN Hydrate Drink Mix




What we think

UCAN’s Hydrate electrolyte powder is a high-quality, naturally sweetened electrolyte drink mix with 5 key electrolytes. It also lacks the sugar and additives that we see in many products on the market and delivers effective rehydration when you need it.

UCAN’s Hydrate combines electrolytes with a natural sweetener to keep you hydrated while preparing for, engaging in, or recovering from a workout. Even better, we love it for daily hydration when you don’t want to sip on a sugary mix. It’s great for maintaining stable hydration levels and minimizing sugar when you don’t want it.

What’s in it?

UCAN's revolutionary hydration mix delivers 300mg of sodium and a host of electrolytes, including 2x the magnesium then other hydration products out there. It does this with NO sugar or calories. eliminating the spike and crash in glucose levels caused by fast/simple sugars.

What’re the options?

Lots of tasty flavors! They also provide them both in jars and single servings, which are amazing for heading to the gym, at work, or following a training session.

How to use it:

Drink one serving before, during, or after a workout to replace electrolytes lost through sweat. Can be consumed every 1-2 hours to improve hydration and increase energy. For people leading active lifestyles, drink a serving a day to boost hydration and energy while avoiding sugary drinks.

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