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What we think

These great-tasting, sugar-free energy gels from UCAN deliver hours of steady-release energy to power peak performance. They’re truly a unique product compared to other gels because of a specific formula designed to provide steady, lasting energy.

What makes them unique:

The Edge is a special gel. They use a slow-burning, sugar-free, ultra low-glycemic carbohydrate derived from non-gmo corn. They call this LIVSTEADY; it sets them apart from standard gels on the market that provide short blasts of sugar. Instead, it's a slower time-released carbohydrate.

What’s in it?

UCAN's revolutionary energy products deliver steadily over time, eliminating the spike and crash in glucose levels caused by fast/simple sugars. Maintaining stable blood glucose is key for consistent energy, endurance, and hunger control.

UCAN’s Edge provides 19g of carbs with NO sugar. It’s made with real food, is Gluten Free, Keto-friendly, and Vegan.

How to use it:

For optimal pre-workout energy, consume one pouch of Edge about 30 minutes before exercise. During longer workouts over 90 minutes, consume one pouch of Edge every 30-60 minutes during exercise.

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