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Trihard Active Foot Soap



What we think

This "soap scrub" is made to take care of one of the most overlooked parts of our bodies: those feet! It's enhanced with a ridiculous amount of good stuff like activated charcoal and aloe vera – in addition to a pumice stone on the end to prevent and soothe calluses while limiting the formation of microorganisms and bacteria.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps prevent calluses 
  • Eases discomfort 
  • Keeps bacteria at bay
  • Cleans those feet!

What does the pumice stone do?

Their light and abrasive "stone" is used to remove dry, dead skin. In addition to boosting blood circulation to ease post-workout soreness, the pumice stone can soften your calluses and corns while also relieving friction-related pain.

How to Use It:

We recommend using it at least three times a week for the best results. Post-shower after a big training day is ideal! Take the cap off, squeeze some on, and rub those aches away.

About Trihard

Trihard is a unique brand on The Feed. They offer comprehensive solutions for the needs of triathletes specifically. Their products treat your body from the adverse effects of sweat, pool, and ocean chemicals, tiredness, and chafing before and after your training. All of them are formulated with high-quality Dead Sea minerals, biodegradable exfoliants, natural essential oils, and non-toxic botanical extracts. All good stuff for the hardest of workers.

In addition to its product line, Trihard also stands out because it owns one of the largest multi-sport groups in Europe...so we're excited to have them aboard.

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