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Total Recovery Sample Pack


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What we think

Total Recovery is the world's first recovery shake that focuses on whole-body recovery. Rather than only focusing on refueling your body after a workout with the basics, Total Recovery goes a step further by accomplishing what we deemed the top 4 needs of athletes: refueling, reducing inflammation, improving gut health, and maintaining healthy immune function.

This means you can lock in your hard-earned gains and get back to training faster.

Here’s The Difference
It's remarkable that almost every recovery drink product on the market is still focused on one thing: stuffing you with carbs and protein and that's it. While refueling is important, it's just the first of 4 key steps to a proper recovery. SwissRX Total Recovery is specifically formulated to help you do just that.
  • Refuels you post-workout with 14g of carbs and 19g of protein, both from low-inflammatory brown rice protein
  • Attacks inflammation with key ingredients like Turmeric, Quercetin and Bee Propolis
  • Reduces instances of post-workout "gut rot" with ingredients like L-Glutamine, Ginger, and Glycine

The Total Recovery Sampler
Not sure where to start? This sampler pack is the move for you. It’s got all three flavors of Total Recovery in efficient single servings. Strawberry, Vanilla Chai, and Chocolate Mint. Might we add, these are impressively tasty.

Test these out after your next few workouts and enjoy the difference.

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