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Thunderbird Real Food Bar




What we think

Thunderbird Real Food Bars are packed with wholesome and simple ingredients, specially designed to provide optimal nutrition for athletes. With no added sugar these bars are a great alternative to typical energy bars on the market. Due to the nutrient density of these bars, they are a Feed favorite for sustained energy and fuel through out the day.

Not only are these bars nutritionally beneficial, they are also delicious! With a variety of flavor combinations, you have to give these pure and hand crafted bars a try!  

Feed’s Fave:  Pineapple Mango Papaya, Almond Apricot Vanilla

How We Use It 

Thunderbird Bars are great throughout the day for sustained energy. Due to the nutrient dense ingredients, these bars are perfect for post-workout to help refuel your body in a pure and simple way! 

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