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Thorne Vitamin D/K2 By Thorne

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Most of us have been directed by a doctor to take vitamin D, especially in the winter and in cloudy climates. This was generally a good suggestion, but what our docs didn’t tell us is that our bodies have a difficult time absorbing it properly without adequate levels of other essential vitamins.

Thorne has solved this problem for us by combining Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 for optimal absorption of each, as well as calcium absorption. Whether you’re a marathoner pounding the pavement or a triathlete swimming 5-6 days a week, these vitamins are crucial to keep your bones in good condition so you can continue the things you love long into old age.

Vitamin K2 also supports cardiac function and circulation, regulates cell growth and lasts in your system for much longer than Vitamin K1. In addition to helping your bones grow and stay strong, Vitamin D maintains mineral density and prevents risk of injury (fracture) in case you do happen to crash in your next race.


Take 2 drops one to three times daily or as recommended by your health professional. Invert bottle to dispense individual drops. May be added to food or mixed in beverages. 

What's Inside

Ingredients for Thorne Vitamin D/K2 (1 fl oz): Vitamin D (as Vitamin D3) (1,000 IU) 25 mcg Vitamin K (as Vitamin K2 (Menatetrenone))† 200 mcg. Other Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil, Mixed Tocopherols.

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Mick R.
I recommend this product
Great value and works great.

Dropper works perfectly. I have no idea what all the complaints are. Super great value for the number of servings you get. Highly recommend.

Bobby A.

I repeatedly return to Throne products and this Vitamin D/K2 is no exception!. Yes, I have strayed in the past; thinking I would save a dime or two; or I fell for someone's ad hype; but not any more. Not only do I see better results with this product (proven by my lab results), I like the dispenser because I know I'm getting an accurate dosage (different pressures on the dropper produces different amounts for me.) Plus... Thorne Research is behind their products 100%; not only with their customer service, but also their interest and commitment to my health. Will I stray again? Nope! I learned my lesson two purchases ago.

Simon N.

I am bottle #2 of this vitamin. It's easy to use and provides the micro-nutrients I need. Living in Michigan, it's hard to get enough sunlight in the fall, winter, and spring. I hope this makes up for it.

Felipe W.

I am not sure why everyone is having an issue with the metered dispenser. It works just fine by holding it upside down and within a couple seconds a drop comes out and the another within a second. And it is proven to be efficacious by independent lab testing on Consumerlab.com.

Arturo H.

Best D3/K2 out there! Nearly tasteless. Ups my family's D levels fast!

Siena B.

Please bring back the dropper. I pour this into another bottle with a dropper but does not get to the bottom. Why take the dropper away? All the other d/k have a dropper

Daphne S.

I have been taking this for years. My labs are great and my husbands! As far as the dispener is concerned I recomend taking it the way we do.....let the drops go into your hand and then lick them up.! Works perfectly!!!

Christen E.

I was slightly concerned because of the negative reviews regarding the dispenser. The first time I went to dispense some drops nothing appeared to come out when I first inverted the bottle. I left it upside down and by looking closely at the tip of the dispenser I could see the first drop slowly form. After that one finally dropped off the tip it is now a very simple process and only takes a second or two for a drop to be dispensed. I actually find this to be quite a good design as the drops are so small it would be more difficult to dispense a precise amount and likely more messy to use a regular dropper. So in my experience some patience is required for that first drop and after that dispensing is a breeze.