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Thorne Quercetin Phytosome


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When people tell you to eat dark leafy greens and purple vegetables, this is because of the flavonoids they contain (antioxidant pigments giving color to plants). Quercetin is the most abundant flavonoid found in plants, nuts and other naturally occurring food sources, such as honey.

It is not often recommended by health care professionals as a key supplement because of its low absorption levels when taken by itself. However, Thorne’s Quercetin Phytosome is combined with sunflower-sourced phospholipids to create a phytosome complex that can easily cross the gut barrier. Taking quercetin will boost antioxidant powers in your body from all angles, including reducing damage to fats, boosting glutathione levels, increasing antioxidant blood levels, blocking histamine (allergic reactions) and stabilizing mast cells (immunity).

With these capacities and more, quercetin is effective in protecting brain and gut cells, aiding in digestion and cardiovascular health, and is known to be a highly sought after anti-aging supplement.


Take 1 capsules daily with meals or as recommended by your performance professional.

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