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Thorne Curcumin Phytosome (Formerly Meriva-500-SF)




What we think

Meriva is a curcumin extract. Curcumin, no not the same as cumin in your spice drawer, is an antioxidant flavonoid. Look a few rows to the left though and you will find it, as it is the active ingredient in turmeric. If you’re already lost, that is because Thorne dives into the deepest research to find the best form of every supplement they offer, making these compounds sometimes difficult to understand.

To break it down for you, Meriva is essentially a super-antioxidant found in very colorful plants which is absorbed 29-times better than other forms of curcumin (active ingredient in turmeric). Its claim to fame is inflammation control in the body. Almost everything we do causes inflammation of one kind or another, in our gut, muscles, joints, brain, everywhere. Meriva optimizes cytokine production (protein messengers in your cells) to tame inflammation flare-ups, primarily boosting GI support, joints, liver, and injury or areas of soreness.

This is a powerful plant-based supplement for athletes and others causing extra inflammation in the body. 


Take 1-2 capsule daily or as recommended by your performance professional.

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