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Scientifically proven to enhance performance, boost stamina, and reduce recovery… 

Thorne’s Amino Complex is a great choice to recharge and refuel your muscles. It’s been designed specifically for athletes and anyone working hard to get fitter and faster. Thorne is a trusted brand for athletes and NSF Sport Certified.  

This formula can...

  • Support muscle repair and recovery*
  • Reduce muscle soreness*
  • Increase energy production*
  • Promote healthy blood sugar*
  • Support cardiovascular health*
  • Strengthen connective tissue*

  • What exactly are BCAA’s?

    You’ve probably heard of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), and know that they are important to muscle growth and recovery, but you may not know exactly why. Here’s the short version: 

    BCAA’s are the group of essential amino acids that help make up the protein in our muscles. They are called “essential” because our bodies can’t make them in meaningful amounts on their own, which is why it’s important for people who train to supplement with them…  

    That’s because when you exercise hard and long -- your body runs out of its normal energy sources and will break down your muscle proteins to use BCAA’s for fuel. This can slow, shrink and even damage your muscles, making it a lot harder to bulk up and stay muscular. When you are low on BCAA's you can feel and look weak... 

    This is why it's so so important to get those BCAA’s in!

    Thorne does has made a great BCAA powder loved and trusted by many of the elites.

    The slightly sweetened mixture of citrusy goodness will help you recover more efficiently after workouts, decrease muscle soreness and ensure your muscles are reaping the rewards of your efforts in the gym or on the mountain. 

    PLUS Amino acids help reduce fatigue and boost energy by promoting mitochondrial biogenesis (i.e. your body's internal production of energy

    As their names says --BCAA’s are essential, especially for athletes. Thorne’s gone deep on the science in their formula and is a trusted brand serious about purity -- NSF Certified -- making them an excellent choice. 



    We like to take one scoop with 6oz of water once to twice daily.  Sometimes we like to mix it in with food and other things like smoothies.


    Here's what people are saying about Thorne Amino Complex...

    Top Review: 

    “As a bit of a caffeine junkie, I don’t notice a significant energy boost from this, but I think that’s more personal to my experience. Where I notice a significant change in my weekly workout routine is in recovery time. I’ve been using this for maybe a month now and I’ve yet to wake up and feel like I need a rest day. And I have a 1-month-old baby. I’m going to order their training bundle that includes creatine and beta-alanine and see if I can get off caffeine. For reference, I work out an hour a day doing about 80% weight training and 20% cardio, and I surf 2-3 times a week for 2 hours at a time. The flavor isn’t delicious, but I’d rather have the flavor be a little mediocre and ditch the sugar and artificial flavors. I’ve had much worse tasting BCAAs though.

    ---Michael M


    Bottom Review: 

    “So it works good, but it never really dissolves completely. I have to regularly shake it up in between each sip and if I don't it's just stuck to the bottom. I also have to add warm water at first just to touch and stir it up before I can add cold water otherwise it will never mix in at all. I do enjoy the flavor until the last sip which is always chalky and intense to where it makes me pucker.”

    --Kyle K


    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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