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Theragun Wave Solo



What we think

Are tight muscles in hard-to-reach places annoyingly lingering around and slowing you down? Are you self-massaging using a lacrosse ball or your dog's tennis ball to bring relief?

We have a better solution... 

Introducing the Solo Wave by Therabody: the new vibration-equipped roller ball that has sore-muscled athletes rolling out their pain with customized ease. Best of all? It's super portable and won’t break the bank.

Why do we love this?

  • Designed to work with the contours and weight of your body to hit even the hardest to reach spots

  • The wavy, rubbery texture is perfect for gripping muscle tissue, allowing you to use tack-and-stretch* method, an advanced way to loosen tight muscles, before and after training

  • Small, compact size makes it a breeze to throw in your gym bag or toss in your carry-on while traveling, without weighing you down

  • Innovative spherical design means it can really sink in to hard-to-reach areas, allowing for deeper targeting of small muscles

  • The peanut-shaped design of the Solo is especially effective to get into the contours around your spine and neck while delivering an even pressure that doesn’t roll out of place

  • Equipped with three settings so that you can choose the vibration intensity right for you (technically four settings, as you can also use it without any vibration), allowing for variety and customization

  • Travel-friendly with cloth carry case, quick USB-A to USB-C charging, and over three hours of battery life in between charges

  • Intuitive and easy to use. You can power it on and adjust the vibration level with a simple push of the button

  • Connects to Therabody App via BlueTooth, which has a searchable catalog of videos to address different parts of the body, and even specific conditions like carpal tunnel, shin splits etc

  • App is very user-friendly and includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations so that anyone can use it successfully

  • 120 minute battery life for sustained use

  • Hypo-allergenic textured silicone

The new Solo  Wave rollers by Therabody will quickly become your favorite recovery gear staple. Massage guns are amazing, but they have their limitations on the areas they can reach as well as being bulky and expensive. 

If you’re looking for a durable massage device for hard-to-reach areas that travels easily and is super affordable (but still top of the line and effective), the Solo Wave Roller by Therabody is exactly what you "knead". 

*What is tacking and stretching? Tacking and stretching is often the best way to work out a tight muscle. To perform it, you use the roller to pin the tight area of a muscle (for example, your quad). Applying pressure, you move at a joint that will help stretch the muscle. (If you’re working on your quads, you would flex your knee). Doing reps of this movement at the joint can bring a lot of relief and significantly loosen you up!

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