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The Coffee Ride - The Sweet Life Espresso




What we think

Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2013, The Coffee Ride began with a simple purpose: to delight coffee drinkers with fresh roasted beans delivered by bike.   Need we say more?  We are HUGE fans of this local roaster!

The sweet life was developed with 3 different coffees as a perfect companion to all your sweet life adventures. An Indonesian bean gives your shot the thick body your looking for, a milk chocolatey South American coffee gives you a smooth/syrupy mouth feel, and a natural process African coffee gives you sweetness and crema with a hint of fruitiness; all together giving you the perfect espresso shot to get you primed for your favorite activity. This blend of coffee makes an amazingly balanced full bodied drip coffee as well. 

At The Coffee Ride they understand life can be tough, which is why their goal is to provide their customer with a product that’s not only amazing and they can believe in, but delivers a euphoric feeling of escape. Escape from responsibilities and the pressures of the everyday grind. They have created a product that complements your favorite moments and allows you to relive them, even if you don’t have much time. Take 5 minutes and make a cup of coffee that whisks you away to your favorite memories with every sip, no matter where you are.

All their coffees are direct trade sourced and they pride themselves on sourcing from small farms and giving back to the people and the environment that provide for us. All packaging is fully compostable and over the last 5 years they have ridden over 14k+ miles bicycle delivering their products around Boulder, Colorado. They are a coffee roasting company that believes in doing the right thing and putting a smile on your face with every cup.

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