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What we think

What we think

Do you drink coffee in the morning? What if you could spike your coffee with a supplement to become more productive?  This can be achieved with the ketone coffee-booster, deltaGold. With deltaGold, you can harness the power of Ketones for focus, productivity, and mental acuity that can only be compared to the effects of a popular pharmaceutical that we’ll leave nameless.

In our experience, Coffee + deltaGold is even better than said pharmaceutical, as the benefits are very similar, but with none of the side effects. DeltaGold is the only product that harnesses the power of both ketones and caffeine from your morning brew. You’ll know that deltaGold is working because of how you feel and perform.

What are Ketones?

Ketones are one of the body's natural energy sources. They are produced when the body’s glycogen (a form of glucose that comes from carbohydrates) stores are exhausted, prompting a conversion of fat to ketones for a fuel your body can easily utilize. Ketones have an important ability that fats lack - they are able to cross the blood-brain barrier. This means ketones can fuel both the body and the brain. Ketones are a much more efficient fuel than fats or carbohydrates. They produce more power, all while using less oxygen. When given the option between glucose and ketones, the brain can, and will, satisfy up to 80% of its energy needs with ketones alone.

What makes deltaGold unique?

When you raise blood Ketone levels using deltaGold, you are giving your brain more fuel to use. Combined with caffeine, the ketogenic effect is multiplied. Caffeine upregulates the brain’s energy requirements, and the elevated ketones in your blood immediately fulfill the increased energy requirements.  This synergy between caffeine and deltaGold is unique to the deltaG molecule used in deltaGold and is not found in other ketone products.

Who makes ketones?

DeltaG is the proprietary ketone technology that has been clinically proven to achieve optimal levels of ketosis for health and performance. A team at Oxford, in response to a challenge from the US Army, developed drinkable ketones in a form identical to what is produced naturally in the body. Oxford Professor Kieran Clarke started the company T Delta S Global to create this patented form of ketones and to date, T Delta S is the only manufacturer of this formula. Furthermore, this formula is what is currently used in clinical studies related to Ketones.

How do I use it?

Pour yourself a large cup of dark roast coffee. Ideally, use 10 to 12 oz of coffee or more. Make sure whatever dark roast coffee you choose is caffeinated, as the caffeine increases the effect of the deltaGold Coffee Booster.  Add one teaspoon (4 to 5ml) to your coffee each morning and stir. While not required, we recommend adding oat milk or another creamer to help with the flavor.

Word of caution, do not drink the deltaGold Ketone Coffee Booster on its own. Without coffee, the taste is quite pungent.  When mixed with dark roast coffee specifically, the coffee masks most of the unappealing flavor. We also recommend 10 or more ounces of coffee in order to dilute the booster so that you’ll be able to dilute the taste thoroughly.

What does it taste like?

One major downfall of all exogenous (man-made) ketone products is the taste. They have a reputation for tasting quite terrible. A major benefit of deltaGold Coffee Booster is that the wonderful taste of dark roast coffee serves as a great way to mask the taste profile of the ketone esters. Unlike other ketone esters, you are able to mix deltaGold right into your coffee rather than sipping on the ketones alone like other products.

What are the benefits?

DeltaG is the proprietary ketone technology that has been clinically proven to achieve optimal levels of ketosis for health and performance. Demonstrated in human scientific studies, deltaG Ketone Ester used in deltaGold Coffee Booster shows immense potential to support brain health, well-being, vitality, physical performance, and weight management.

Ketone metabolism by the brain has been shown to increase memory, spatial awareness, and cognitive resilience in mice and also in humans. A teaspoonful of deltaGold Ketone Coffee Booster in your morning cup of joe will fuel your brain and body to enhance your workday focus and productivity. DeltaGold provides primal focus with zero jitters. It will help you feel sharper, more focused, and ready to take on the day. Enjoy hours of mental clarity and long-term cognitive benefits.

DeltaGold’s cognitive benefits are especially important during aerobic exercise. The body uses an enormous amount of glucose stores as fuel, leaving little for the brain. While the rest of your body can tap into fat stores for fuel when the glucose has run dry, the brain can not. It can, however, use ketones. Using DeltaGold can help you stay cognitively sharp even when you are pushing your body to its physical limits.

During physically demanding activities, you have less oxygen in your body - so it is important to get the most energy bang for your oxygen buck. DeltaGold Coffee Booster is here to help you make that happen. Ketones are prioritized over fat by the body during aerobic exercise since ketones are oxidized easier by cells. This means that per every unit of oxygen, the body is able to produce more energy from ketones than it can from fat. By drinking coffee with deltaGold Coffee Booster, your body will have substantially more ketones than it would have had naturally. In fact, without the unique ketone in deltaGold you would need to follow a ketogenic low-carb diet for weeks or fast for days to achieve a similar level of ketones as you would by drinking deltaG products.

DeltaGold Coffee Booster decreases hunger to assist weight management, allowing you to remain in a fasted state during an intermittent fasting regime. DeltaGold can augment a ketogenic diet, although it will not be effective in someone with poor eating habits. DeltaGold complements a ketogenic diet for healthy weight management and/or improving body composition.

Are Ketones Safe?

The FDA states that Ketones are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).

Are Ketones Legal?

Yes. They are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances.

What's inside?

You are getting BHB Ketone Ester. There is no caffeine, sugar, salt, or fat.

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