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Taos Bakes Granola




What we think

Taos Bakes was created with the goal of giving people a snack option that tastes good AND that's good for you. By carefully hand mixing their ingredients, Taos Bakes keeps natural ingredients intact so you get better nutrients and flavors. They avoid fillers like rice, soy, and over-processed sugar for a natural, real food based products.

Taos Bakes Granola uses old school ingredients like butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, and oats, baked in small batches to perfection. Made with non-GMO, organic, and no added sugars, this granola provides awesome flavors and nutrients that you can see, smell, and taste. 

How We Use It:
This granola is a great way to fuel any adventure! Mix into yogurt, top off a smoothie, or just eat it right out of the bag for a healthy and delicious snack.

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