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Tailwind Nutrition Rapid Hydration




What we think

Tailwind has been known for versatility and efficiency with their products. Keeping that same simple focus, they've developed a clean and satisfying hydration mix.

Rapid Hydration

True to it's name, this mix is focused on providing a fast and effective hydration method. Much faster than water alone, Rapid Hydration utilizes a small amount of natural sugar and 320mg of sodium to transport water rapidly into your cells. They have chosen a natural cane sugar sweetener, which is easier to digest and acts as a "flavor carrier" that makes it tasty without having to add unnecessary artificial flavor enhancers.

Taste aside, they included optimal amounts of electrolytes and Vitamin C. You can replace what you are actually sweating out and benefit from the immune support that Vit. C provides. 

Note: It's not meant to serve as their recommended fueling for harder training days. That is the Endurance Fuel!

How to Use It:

Rapid Hydration is intended to keep you balanced and hydrated during shorter or light workouts -at the gym, on a hike, going on a quick run or ride– or even to stay hydrated on your busy days. The small packets make it ideal for on-the-go.

Mix with 18-24 oz water and enjoy!


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