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SwissRX Total Recovery + Collagen Bundle




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A powerful recovery combination of products that will support and refuel your body after training and workouts. 

Total Recovery is the world's first recovery drink that helps reduce inflammation, repairs your gut lining, and supports a healthy immune function so that you can continue to make gains in your training. 

Total Recovery will help refuel you post workout with 14g of carbs and 19g of protein but from low-inflammatory brown rice protein. 

Turmeric, quercetin, and bee propolis work together to target inflammation and help you recover faster. 

Add a scope of SwissRX Collagen into your Total Recovery shake and benefit from soft tissue and cartilage repair support. SwissRX offers two patented forms of collagen you as an athlete will benefit from (Fortigel® and, both help stimulate collagen growth. 

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