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SwissRX Total Recovery Bundle (w/Nitric Oxide)



What we think

The most common question we get is: How can I get fitter faster?

While there is no substitute for proper training, this bundle is one of the best performance hacks for making sure that you can get the most from your workouts – each and every day. There is no benefit to training without the recovery. 

This bundle has two key products:

First, SwissRX Nitric Oxide helps you push harder in your workouts. When we push hard, we run out the ability to fully deliver oxygen to working muscles, which results in a plethora of physiological effects and eventually forces to slow down. SwissRX Nitric Oxide helps to increase the amount of oxygen-rich blood flowing to your working muscles so that you can tolerate a slightly higher workload for longer.

Second, SwissRX Total Recovery ensures that you can lock in your hard earned gains. When you go harder in your workout, you apply more strain to your body. Simply put, training makes you slower and recovery makes you faster. To help you recover faster, SwissRX Total Recovery helps support a normal inflammatory balance, bolsters your immune system, supports gut health (which is crucial if you're eating enough carbs), and helps to refuel you so you're set up for an optimal workout the next day. By decreasing the time you need between workouts, Total Recovery helps you increase your load so you can get fitter.

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