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What we think

The hard work you do as an athlete creates an imperative to maintain proper gut health.

As athletes, we put a lot of extra stress on our bodies and digestive system, making us especially prone to GI issues, which can lead to a slew of health concerns.

In fact, keeping your gut microflora healthy is the number one way to ensure optimal athletic performance from improved immune function to increasing your ability to absorb more beneficial nutrients out of the food you already consume.

A number of years ago, my Tour de France team had all the athletes use a Probiotic every morning at breakfast. While teams all around us were coming down with illness, my entire team made it to the finish in Paris without getting sick. While this data is purely anecdotal, since then daily Probiotics have been a part of all the athletes' regular routine.

What makes a strong probiotic? 

Most probiotics market themselves as having X Billion CFUs, which stands for how many living and active organisms are in a dosage. While having enough living organisms is important, it is not the most important piece of probiotics. What matters most is diversity and this is the strength of SwissRX Probiotic and why it has become the number one choice for Athletes.

Think of probiotics as a tree...

  • The tree has seven main branches. These branches are the seven species of probiotics used for good gut health.
  • Each of these branches has a lot of twigs. The twigs represent the many different strains of each species.
  • In order to achieve a truly diverse gut flora, you're probiotic needs to include multiple species, NOT just a bunch of strains of one or two species...
  • It's important to have multiple SPECIES over STRAINS because each species will work in a different part of your GI tract, ensuring full coverage and a diverse microbiome
  • Therefore, when a probiotic boasts biodiversity it's often a misleading statement since it's likely they include different strains of only one or two species. This is a simple but important distinction, one that most probiotics get wrong.

Introducing you to SwissRX Probiotic for athletes

As one of the most (truly) diverse probiotics in the world, it includes six out of the seven different species (branches) of probiotics, providing a massive amount more diversity (and better results) than any other probiotic on the market...

Give your gut exactly what it needs to thrive and you'll be amazed by how good you can feel, whether your training, racing, or just living your everyday life...

Remember, the amount of stress endurance athletes put on their gut means the average probiotics aren't up to the task of maintaining good gut health. This is why the pros (and doctors) choose SwissRX Probiotics over all the others.

But wait, there's more...


As a high-dose probiotic, SwissRX has been shown to activate over 1,700 genes involved in immune and inflammatory signaling. High does probiotics improve immune function, maintain a healthy gut-immune barrier, and maintain normal inflammatory balance. It's the professional's probiotic and a must-have for optimal health in serious athletes.

What's the difference between SwissRX Probiotic and SwissRX Rescue Probiotic?

Both products have the same formula of species, strains, and probiotics. The difference is that SwissRX Probiotic is 20 Billion CFUs and SwissRX Probiotic Rescue is over 100 Billion CFUs. SwissRX Probiotic Rescue was developed specifically for athletes during times of higher stress, like during competitions and heavy training periods.

  • For normal day to day usage and maintenance of healthy gut flora, SwissRX Probiotic is the right choice.
  • During times of stress and that includes the 4 weeks prior to a major competition, heavy training volume weeks, after any GI issues, and while traveling, then SwissRX Probiotic Rescue is the right choice. We do see a number of Pro Athletes using Probiotic Rescue as their daily Probiotic. It won't hurt and might help to have more CFUs, it is just a question of cost as SwissRX Probiotic Rescue is much more expensive.

How to use it?

Using SwissRX Probiotic is easy, you take 1 capsule, once per day. While many people take it in the AM as part of their regular routine, there is data that suggests that you might be better to take it at bedtime so it has more time in your gut before your next meal.

The SwissRX Story

We set out to find a supplement company we could trust for the world's top endurance athletes: a company that has the same obsession with quality and performance as our athletes do. Our quest led us to SwissRX. SwissRX takes a "spare-no-expense" approach to procuring the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients. Only 3% of supplement companies go through the rigorous testing required for pharmaceutical grade labeling, SwissRX happens to be one of them. But they don't stop there; whenever possible, they use the exact ingredients used in medical studies, the same ones that many other companies point to in research, but don't use due to their price. We love SwissRX because our athletes can rest assured knowing that they are getting the identical ingredients that were proven to be effective in previous studies.

Simply stated, SwissRX products work better because they contain better ingredients.

The SwissRX Guarantee

We know SwissRX is expensive, but you get what you pay for - especially when it comes to supplements. Other brands may be cheaper, but so are the quality of their ingredients. If you're anything like me, you'd rather pay a premium and KNOW you're getting the highest quality and most effective product possible.

We are 100% confident that SwissRX is the best supplement in the world, which is why we guarantee first time orders up to $100. If, for any reason at all, you're not THRILLED with your results after using this product for a minimum of three weeks, contact us within 60 days of your purchase and we will issue a no-hassle MONEY BACK refund in the form of Feed Credit for the purchase price of your product, up to a maximum value of $100.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement, dietary, or exercise program, especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. See our FDA Disclaimer.

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