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Sur Joint Support


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What we think

You may know Sur from their beloved and well-supported Alt Red products, which have been impressively popular among the endurance athlete space. They don’t churn out many products because when they do it has purpose and makes an impact.

This is the case with their new Joint Support. 

This supplement harnesses the effects of calcium fructoborate to target inflammation at the roots, not just mask symptoms. This compound is found naturally in plants and Sur has been able to amplify its effects. Along with that is the improved muscle recovery from tart cherries – it’s completely plant-based and honestly clean. 

The key impact of calcium fructoborate is how it strengthens and maintains your existing cartilage. It's also FAST. Expect reduced joint discomfort and stiffness, promoting better mobility in as little as a week.

So many athletes are subject to this, not just masters athletes or impact sports. Even endurance athletes need support. We “get by” with pain relievers and keep plugging away, but leave inflammation to build up as we wear our body down. Your typical OTC product won’t do you good in the long run.

If you are a runner or ultra-athlete, this is especially pertinent to you. 

How to Use It:

The 120 capsules make a two-month supply. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. Results can begin in as little as 7 days and, with consistent use, you’ll see continuous improvement.  


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