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Styrkr SLT05 (with Caffeine)




What we think

SLT05 is a super-convenient, highly effective rehydration powder specifically designed for endurance athletes. It’s unique in how it “mimics” the electrolyte profile and ratio of our natural sweat.

We know that hydration is one of the most efficient and useful methods to both preparing for training/events and having a successful session/event… Yet, most products undershoot the proper dosage of electrolytes or don't replicate the minerals you lose. Not this one, it’s made with 360mg of sodium, 280mg of potassium chloride, 11mg of magnesium, and 20mg of calcium.

This is a "less aggressive" version of their SLTO7 products. This one comes with a 50mg caffeine punch!

Active Ingredients 

The SLT05 range has been carefully formulated to prioritize active ingredients.
This means it features a muted and neutral raspberry carrier, which adds a pleasant aftertaste flavor and is intentionally designed to be gentle on the stomach and not overpowering while delivering active ingredients/nutrients. 


  • 50mg of caffeine 
  • Quad-blend electrolytes perfectly mimic the profile and ratio of human sweat
  • Ensures rapid rehydration and prevents muscle cramping
  • Quick release and fastest absorbing formulation
  • Easy single-serving sachet
  • No added Sugar
  • Allergen-Free, Gluten-free and 100% vegan. Made in the UK 

How to Use It:

Mix one sachet with 500ml of water, shake well, and drink.

During vigorous activity and in hot conditions, some of us are saltier sweaters than others. This mix can be coupled with other Styrkr prodcuts if you sweat heavily or are exercising in hot conditions.

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