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Skratch Labs Super High-Carb Hydration Drink Mix




What we think

Truly, a super fuel. Finally we have a non-syrupy high-carb fuel that won’t cause cramps, tastes light, and keeps you going for hours. 

If you’re an athlete that doesn’t have a stomach of steel, you know how impossible it is to find a liquid fuel over 200 calories per serving that isn’t a syrupy gut bomb.

This makes the long haul really challenging; we either risk bonking by not taking in enough calories or we sacrifice our stomachs to keep going…

...either way, we end up with a handicap to our performance.

Why do we love this?

Not a big fan of gels? This is your remedy. Now you can kiss your queasy days goodbye thanks to Skratch Sports Superfuel Drink Mix.

The reports coming in from ultra and pro athletes, as well as every-day marathoners and weekend warriors, are that Superfuel is making a huge difference in power, endurance, and overall energy.

It’s being hailed as a game-changer by quite a few of the pros.

Another awesome thing about Skratch Superfuel is how functional it is. The powder blends way better than most other endurance drinks. It’s not too sweet and just slightly salty.

For a high carb fuel, it’s incredibly light and, when mixed correctly, should be the consistency of water. Sounds refreshing, right? For those of use that cringe at the thought of a gooey gel, it’s nothing less than miraculous! 

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How does it work?

If your performance is suffering due to not having a high-calorie liquid fuel option you can actually stomach, Skratch Sports Superfuel may seem like a magic cure – but it’s actually science.

It’s all thanks to the discovery of a better carbohydrate (with a funny name) that digests steadily, like real food does: Cluster Dextrin™.

How to use it: 

Add 7 scoops to 8 fl oz of water. Shake vigorously. Add remaining 8-12 additional fl oz of water and shake again. For better mixing, let sit for 15 minutes before use.

One serving provides 400 cals in a bottle. Use more or less mix per bottle depending on your caloric need.

According to Skratch Labs founder, Dr. Allen Lim, here’s what makes Cluster Dextrin so unique… 

1. It’s bigger, providing more energy. A Cluster Dextrin Molecule packs in more calories per molecule -or more energy- than other fueling options. A Cluster Dextrin molecule has 60 to 70 glucose (sugar) units linked together. By comparison, maltodextrin, the most common carbohydrate used in gels and performance drinks, contains 2 to 20 glucose units linked together. One serving of Superfuel Sports Drink Mix provides 400 calories, enough energy to power your hardest efforts. 

2. It’s more complex, in a good way. Cluster Dextrin also has a unique structure. Its glucose units are linked together like tree branches wrapped into a wreath. Meanwhile, maltodextrin is a long, straight chain of linked units. When maltodextrin is digested, all the glucose units break apart all at once. This can overwhelm the gut. When Cluster Dextrin is digested, its branches take time to unwrap and the glucose units break off gradually. With Superfuel, you get a steady release of energy without the risk of gastrointestinal distress. It’s like getting the energy of a meal without the heaviness or the runs!  

3. It’s more soluble and drinkable. Because Cluster Dextrin is amazingly soluble, we can get a ton of calories in Superfuel without turning it into sludge. Superfuel dilutes easily in water for a great tasting beverage that you can sip, gulp, or chug. It’s great for when there’s no time to chew, or for when you just can’t stomach a thick, sticky gel.  

Use it when there's no time to chew. 


Here’s what Elite cyclist Sean Gardner had to say…

“I used Superfuel during my world record Everest completion. I used 6 bottles of it over my 7-hour ride and had absolutely 0 stomach problems or issues. I was first skeptical that it had the calories that it said it did since the taste is so light pretty similar to regular Skratch Hydration. But I can verify that fueling for a 7-hour ride and not bonking was made possible by Superfuel! I recommend this to anyone looking to up their fueling game when eating real food is not possible or carrying enough isn't feasible.”

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