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Skratch Labs Paper




What we think

Making your own real food for rides and workout fuel has been the key message for Skratch Labs since the beginning. Their rice cakes are known by everyone who rides a bike as the ideal fuel for endurance workouts. Skratch Labs Paper is a unique type of food packaging that hold it's shape like aluminum foil, but has the strength of parchment paper. If you're thinking about making rice cakes for your weekend ride, you need this paper. No one wants to reach into their jersey pocket and find torn aluminum foil with rice cake spilling everywhere! Skratch Labs Paper includes 40 pre-cut 8.5" x 8.5" sheets, complete with wrapping instructions. 

How We Use It

We package all of our favorite snacks in Skratch Labs Paper.  If you want to take a single serving along with you on your ride, place it in this paper and avoid making a mess. 

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