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Skratch Labs Energy Chews


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What we think

Skratch Labs has been providing reliable products to the sports nutrition world for years. With the same focus on science and great ingredients, they created Energy Chews. These are some of our favorite chews of all time.

Why do we love them?

Skratch Labs created their Energy Chews with only real fruit for flavor. They are loaded with sodium, are less sweet than most other chews, and utilize a specific ratio of fructose and glucose so you can get carbohydrates more effectively. They are also some of the tastiest chews we've every had.

What's in them?

Skratch Labs Energy Chews have a higher moisture content which makes them less syrupy, sticky, or overly sweet. They also have a higher sodium content, about 160mg per pouch, which will help you replace those essential electrolytes lost through sweat during exercise. The blend of cane sugar and tapioca syrup better matches the ratio of transporters for glucose and fructose in the small intestine. This improves energy absorption so you can get the most out of every single Skratch Labs Energy Chews.

What're they like?

Skratch Labs Energy Chews don't use carnauba wax, coloring or flavoring agents, or excess ingredients that aren’t necessary. Skratch Labs Energy Chews are dipped in a sour sugarcoating to add a unique taste. They’re delicious, energizing, and the perfect chew to fuel your next workout. If you're interested in learning more about the science behind Energy Chews, click here to read a blog from Allen Lim PhD, co-founder of Skratch Labs.

Feed’s Fave: Raspberry

How to use it:

These are our go-to product for that mid workout punch. They are scaleable in the amount you can pop in your mouth (vs a one-use gel) which make fueling more flexible. They allow us to avoid bonking mid-workout without overpowering us with a sticky, overly sweet flavor. 


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