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Skratch Labs Hydration Sport Mix




What we think

Hydration is one of the most vital things to our daily performance. Proper hydration helps with nutrient delivery, reduces risk for injury, and is necessary for muscle function. However, water alone doesn’t always do the trick.

That’s where Skratch Labs Sports Hydration Mix comes in!

Developed by the scientists at Skratch Labs, this drink mix was created to give elite athletes more options than just sugary sports drinks. Conventional sports drinks contain too much sugar and not enough electrolytes, making it harder to rehydrate and fully replace what you lose when you sweat. Not to mention, the artificial flavors and colors don't do us any favors during exercise.

Why do we love it?

Sport Hydration is the newest formula from Skratch, now with slightly more sodium and less sugar than the previous formula. The result is a drink mix with 4% less sugar and an electrolyte profile that more accurately matches what we lose in sweat. 

This mix has become a go-to for the daily training and activity needs of athletes.

What's in it?

This drink mix includes two different types of carbohydrate: glucose and fructose, which helps speed up fluid and fuel delivery to your working muscles during exercise. 

Skratch Labs formulated this hydration mix to be easier on the digestive system and to provide some energy in addition to replacing electrolytes. Not to mention, it’s made with real fruit and is non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher.

What're my options?

They have all kinds of flavors and each one is distinctly light and flavorful. They come in singles (great for mid-ride refills), bags of 12 servings, and more!

The Feed's Fave: Lemon and Lime and Fruit Punch

How to use it:

This is our go-to drink for a workout or race! Add one scoop or packet to 12-16 oz. of water and drink 1-2 servings per hour of hard exercise. The convenient single serve packets come in six delicious flavors, making them the perfect option to take with you wherever you go. Can’t decide which flavor to get? Try one of each to keep things interesting for your long rides, runs, or races!

 Sport Hydration Drink Mix with real fruit:



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