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What we think

Science in Sport continues to blow our minds with their revolutionary products. Not only are they changing the game with their sports drink mix, but they actually created this new version that is far better!

Beta Fuel contains a 1:0.8  maltodextrin: fructose ratio, which allows it to reduce the symptoms of stomach fullness and nausea. No more stomach upset during your activities! This newly improved formula allows you to absorb carbohydrates better, giving you a bigger energy boost.

How does Beta Fuel do this?

Beta Fuel is a pH neutral, isotonic solution. It allows the intestines to absorb its contents at the appropriate rate without causing water to be drawn into the GI tract, which is usually what causes stomach issues associated with high sugar sports drinks!

This drink mix comes in a variety of flavors (orange, strawberry & lime, and Red Berry), and have made it super difficult to pick a favorite. They’re all delicious! The best part about this drink is that it also has zero artificial sweeteners, the flavor you get is all natural!This product meets your energy needs by providing 80g of carbohydrates! With the addition of fructose into this mixture, it increases the absorption of carbohydrates by 72%. It is absolutely remarkable! 

This is the future of sports nutrition…

Living up to its name, Beta Fuel has been tested, and approved, by some of the top elite athletes in the game since 2017. Oh the best part…? It’s vegan, celiac, lactose-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, and nut-free. If you’re allergen sensitive, this drink is one for you! Not to mention, they are also third party tested and Informed Sport Certified.

How To Use It:

Mix one serving (82 g) of Beta Fuel with 600 ml of fluid. Pay attention to this as (like most sports drinks) it's best when combined with the right amount of water.


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