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SiS Beta Fuel Performance Bundle




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A one-stop high-carb shop.

Science in Sport (SiS) has long been known for their isotonic gels, but they are now stepping up the carb game even more with a high carbohydrate fueling line. Beta Fuel. 

What makes Beta Fuel different? Beta Fuel Gel utilizes a 1:0.8 Maltodextrin:Fructose ratio. This balance of carbohydrates makes it easier for our body to use all of the fuel we are providing it while training and racing!

This high-octane fuel source is for those chasing podiums, crushing PRs, and pushing their body to the next level! As nutrition research has evolved over the past decade, so have sports nutrition products. We used to only see gels with 20 grams of carbs, but now we have drink mixes that contain 80 grams of carbs per serving, gels that have 40 grams of carbs per serving and chews with 45 grams of carbs per serving. This is because we know the body can utilize up to 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour!

The SiS Beta Fuel Bundle will give you the opportunity to sample almost every flavor, gel, drink mix, and chew within the product line! It includes: 

2× SiS Beta Fuel Gel Orange
2× SiS Beta Fuel Gel Strawberry and Lime
2× SiS Beta Fuel Chews Lemon
2× SiS Beta Fuel Chews Orange
2× SiS Beta Fuel / Strawberry and Lime
2× SiS Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gel Apple
2× SiS Beta Fuel Red Berry
2× SiS Beta Fuel Orange
1× SiS Hydro Tablets Pineapple and Mango - 20 Tablets

In addition to the Beta Fuel products, you will also see the Hydro Tablets. These will be needed to help replenish electrolytes both inside and outside of training. In general, SiS keeps their electrolytes separate from their fuel. This helps athletes really dial in their fueling plan and ensure they aren't getting too much sodium or carbs. 

 How to Use It:

30 minutes prior to the start of a big training session or race, we like to use the SiS Beta Fuel + Nootropics Gel. This helps get our heads in the zone with its 200mg of caffeine, 200mg of L-theanine, 1000mg of L-taurine, & 40g of carbs to top off our fuel stores.

During our training session or race, we will alternate between drinking a bottle of Beta Fuel and using Gels & Chews. It is easiest to break apart your fueling strategy into 60-minute intervals. This way, you can plan out what you will be doing each hour of the training session. Typically, during the hour that we are using gels, we will be siping on a bottle with 1-2 Hydro Tablets in it to make sure we are staying hydrated.  

Your fueling goal should be to consume between 60 and 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour + 500-750mL of fluid. Electrolyte needs will significantly vary from person to person, but you would be okay using 1 Hydro Tab every hour at baseline! 



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