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Share Good Foods Oatmeal Cups




What we think

Share Good foods was born in 2010 when now co-founders, Kim and Brad, wanted to improve the quality of grab and go foods in a local Denver coffee shop.  They started making all types of delicious, fresh goodies including sandwiches, baked goods, and salads.  Originally starting with lunch food options,  they soon ventured into breakfast and BAM!, in came the oatmeal cups.  Each oatmeal flavor was thoughtfully conceived with nuts, fruit and a special blend of spices to achieve the best flavor imaginable. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, and is a complex carbohydrate so it breaks down slowly to give you a long, steady stream of energy, and assists with digestion. The process is simple, just add hot water, wait patiently for 3-4 mins and enjoy a hot, filling and nourishing breakfast just about anywhere.

Feed's Fave: Harvest Fruits and Nuts or Snickerdoodle

How We Use It:

Breakfast, before long endurance events.  What's great about these packs is that they can easily go with us everywhere!  Gym bag...or pack it for that long road trip.  


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