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SFuels Primed Drink Mix




What we think

Meet PRIMED: a pre-workout coffee alternative with real performance benefits.

SFuels is improving the success of PRIMED for better fat burning and reduced effort (RPE) during racing and training. The new version, 2nd Generation SFuels PRIMED, combines Caffeine (80mg) and high-dose acetyl-L Carnitine for more effective muscle loading, helping you achieve stronger performances.

The highlight of Primed is L-Carnitine. 

Studies have shown that daily + consistent muscle loading of L-Carnitine has resulted in improved fuel transportation, glycogen (carbs in muscle) sparing at lower intensities, and more efficient use of carbs at higher intensities.

This means more effective oxidation (or breakdown for fuel) and a prolonged regulation of your carbohydrate stores...for when you really need them (sprint finish, anyone?).

How to Use It:

SFuels has two scenarios with which you can use PRIMED,:

Retraining Fat-Oxidation Efficiency: Daily Pre-Workout (or within first 30mins) drink - 1 Sachet/Day.

Racing: Boost Fat-Oxidation. Lower RPE, Take 1 Sachet 60minutes prior to race start. Then 2 Sachets within the first 60-90minutes from race start. Re-dose 2 Sachets every 6 hours.

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