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SFuels Keto 3 Breakfast Cereal




What we think

The SFuels team has crafted an endurance athlete's breakfast friend.

Are you looking to fuel up for your day, but don't want to be left dragging from a sugar drop? Got a workout later in the day and want sustained energy? The Keto 3 is a whole and satiating breakfast cereal (or daily snack) that isn't just packed with sugar. It has whey protein isolate, MCT’s, almonds, coconut, and more...making your mornings tasty and much more stable.

While it's keto-friendly, we also enjoy it as a low glycemic snack when we need it.

Key Benefits:

  • 19g of quality healthy fat for the perfect high-energy breakfast to your mornings
  • contains only 2 grams of sugar, so you can fuel up without unwanted sweet stuff and keep your oxidation focus
  • supports your body's recovery with 7g of quality whey protein isolate, plus Glutamine
  • paired with 7g of fiber, this keeps you feeling satisfied and sustained so you can conquer your day 
  • keeping it clean – our product contains absolutely no added sugars. We believe in giving you the nutrients you need, without any unnecessary additives.

What’s not included:

No grains
No gluten
No sugar alcohols
Not baked, puffed or fried

How to Use It:

This quality cereal is great for a satiating breakfast (muesli style, granola style or as a hot cereal), a post workout snack, or midday treat to get some sustenance through your day.


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