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SFH Recovery Whey




What we think

SFH Recovery re-energizes your cells, and tired muscles by increasing your ATP levels (Adenosine Triphospate), which is the energy powerhouse inside each cell. When ATP are loaded, cells can make new muscles quickly, joints are healthier and there is a reduced negative effect of free radical oxidants.

SFH’s ATP loading formula uses ⅔ whey concentrated derived from grass fed, free range cows and about ⅓ essential amino acids. It also uses a multi-component mixture of vitamins and nutrients included, Co-Q10, ribose, and carnitine which boost energy and increases the body’s mitochondria productivity and helping put energy bag into muscle cells.

How We Use It:

Works great for recovery after plyometric or weight bearing workouts. It also makes a great meal replacement shake. We recommend taking SFH Recovery within 30 minutes after a workout followed by a small meal.

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