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What we think

This may be the quickest and sneakiest way to get an energy boost!

Founded and developed by Nick Symmonds, a 2x middle distance track Olympian, this product is specifically designed and developed to provide you with a boost of energy without the stomach distress.

With modern day technology, you really don’t have to chug down a cup of coffee to get your favorite caffeine buzz. Run Gum is made to provide you with two different doses of caffeine, depending on the flavor you pick. Each packet contains 2 tablets to give you the flexibility of dosing with your desired caffeine intake.

Fruit / Cinnamon / Mint / Bubble Gum - Gives you 50mg caffeine per tablet.

Extra Strength Mint - Gives you 100mg caffeine per tablet.

We love an effective product with no catch. Not only does this product give you your desired caffeine dosage, but it is also sugar free and has zero calories. It is by far the easiest way to get some caffeine without the bloat!

Feed Fave: It really depends on the mood… Bubble gum or mint!

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or looking to increase your exercise performance, Run Gum does it just right. It’s small, light and easy to carry which makes it super convenient to have on long workouts or busy days in general.

How We Use It

We use Run Gum prior to some of our tougher workouts. If you are lacking the energy to toe the line, pop a piece of this gum in and feel the boost. We have found that taking a piece before warming up and another once you have finished warming up you will see your best results. Feel free to pop 1 tablet to get a mini boost on a long and busy day. If that doesn’t do it, take 2!

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