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What we think

Chewing gum could not be any more convenient for your health!

Run gum took the idea of one of the most common things we do (chew gum) and made good use out of it. First, they came up with the legacy “Run Gum” that helps provide caffeine for your workouts, but now… they came up with a new product with an even better purpose.

Run Gum Immunity was made to make you feel and perform at your best, when it matters the most!

Keeping your immune system strong throughout the year is key to feeling and performing better. Run Gum Immunity is the boost that can help by supporting our natural defense system,, especially during the cold/flu season. 

Made with Elderberry and B Vitamins, this product also contains the probiotic “Bacillus Subtlis” which is great for prevention of the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Not only is this product packed with a strong immunity defense, but is also made into a fast-absorbing formula that instantly empowers your immune response.

With a boost like that, it's highly unlikely to miss any training or work days!

Run Gum Immunity comes in 1 flavor - Mixed Berry + Cherry. If you like chewing on a fruity gum, you’re going to love this one. On the plus side, you’re not only indulging in a yummy flavored gum, but you’re also setting up your immune system to be prepared for anything that challenges it!

How We Use It:

We like to chew on 1-2 gums/day for a quick and efficient immunity boost!

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