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What we think

Run Gum was founded and developed by 2x Olympian, Nick Symmonds and his coach to help maximize performance in both sport and life. This product is designed with elite athletes in mind, created for anyone on the run. Run Gum provides the caffeine and energy without the upsetting your stomach!

Caffeine in Fruit / Cinnamon / Mint / Bubblegum:
50MG of Caffeine Per Tablet


Caffeine in Extra Strength Mint:
100MG of Caffeine Per Tablet

Feed's Fave: Cinnamon 

How We Use It

We use Run Gum prior to some of our tougher workouts. If you are lacking the energy to toe the line, pop a piece of this gum in and feel the boost. We have found that taking a piece before warming up and another once you have finished warming up you will see your best results. 

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