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Roll Recovery R8 Inserts



What we think

Customize your R8 and R8 Plus Deep Tissue Massage rollers!

To make the R8 more versatile, there are a couple R8 Inserts made to fit your needs. Super Plush for a lighter and softer massage experience, and Super Deep for a more deep myofascial release. These two different inserts are made to be each used as a pair, meaning you will need 2 per roller!

Feel your R8 exactly to your liking!

Super Plush

  • Provides a gentle feel
  • Provides a flushing effect and deep massage

Super Deep

  • Provides a more aggressive and deep feel
  • Breaks up muscle adhesions
  • Elbow like design

How We Use It:


Use the Standard and SuperPlush inserts to activate your targeted muscles and increase blood flow prior to your workout!


Use the two SuperDeep or 1 Standard and 1 SuperDeep for myofascial release and muscle recovery. 

For a unique feel, use one SuperPlush/SuperDeep and one Standard Insert on each side of your R8! 

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