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rnnr Pacer Hat



What we think

A featherweight cap to rule them all.

The lightweight Pacer Hats from our new partners, rnnr, are designed to keep you comfortable during your hottest runs. Weighing in at only 1.7 ounces, this hat is featherlight.

The Pacer Cap has ultra-breathable, laser-cut mesh to keep you cool and dry fast.


Stay Cool

We all know that tension that builds when your head starts to roast.

The addition of a sweatband on the back of the front panel means that you won't have to worry about sweat dripping down into your eyes as you heat up.


The flexible brim allows you to curve it, flip it up, or leave it flat to match your style. 


Not only is their running hat stylish, but it's also indestructible, making it perfect for even the toughest workouts. 

Their added extra elasticity to the back strap and made the front brim flexible, ensuring that you stay headache-free.


The rnnr Pacer Hat comes in Small (56cm) and Standard (58cm) sizes to best fit your noggin.

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