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Rip Van is known for their yummy waffles, but they now have these even yummier wafers!

Think of it as a healthier version of wafers that still have that yummy chocolate filling with the ever-so-satisfying crunch of a wafer. Made with the highest quality of ingredients, this wafer is delicious, nutritious and can actually be addicting. 

Rip Van Wafers are low in sugar/carbs, are vegan and packed with healthy fiber!

This product literally hits all the spots. It’s super delicious, can be used as fuel, and is actually good for you. When we see a product like this, we do everything we can to bring it on board. After all, we all know the quality that Rip Van offers in their products. 

With only 9g of carbohydrates, this wafer gives you 5g of dietary fiber. This is super rare to find in a yummy chocolate-filled snack like this one!

Bottom line, if you’re a big snacker and have an insane sweet tooth (like most of us), be sure to grab a box of these. Trust me, these little wafers will be gone in no time. Oh and the best part, it’s completely guilt free! 

Feed Fave: Both milk & dark chocolate are really good. I would honestly say both!!

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