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Rip Van Wafel




What we think

These wafels harness the history of a European stroopvafel while packing a little performance punch. Yet, you'll be grabbing for them for many reasons other than "fueling". It's okay, we give you permission.

Why do we love them?

A Rip Van Wafel is distinguished from your standard waffle. Inspired on the traditional Amsterdam stroopwafel but much lower in sugar (3g) while still delivering on the carbs (19g), dutchman Rip started making these in his dorm room as a college senior at Brown University.

What's in it?

Rip Van Wafels use simple NON-GMO ingredients, the same kind you’d use if you made them in your own kitchen like eggs, flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Plus a few nutritious ingredients like, oats, chickpea flour and flax seed oil for an extra dose of Omega 3s. They are soft, easy to chew and don’t pack an overdose of calories or carbs. They’re perfect.

What are my options?

These sweet gems come in single servings (great for testing flavors) and boxes of 12.

Imagine all the tastiest sounding treats out there...now those are the flavors they offer. Everything from Cookies and Cream to Snickerdoodle.

The Feed's Fave: Dutch Caramel and Vanilla

How to use it:

We truly believe there is no wrong time to have a wafel.  First thing in the morning they go great topped with greek yogurt, nuts and dried fruit or with a steaming cup of coffee. Mid-morning they make a great snack. Slap some nut butter on them and they make the perfect sandwich. Enjoy them placed on top of your 3pm cup of coffee as it cools down and taste a perfectly warmed wafel. Let them carry you through your evening workout. If you give us time I’m sure we can find a way to make dinner with them...

We like to take it with us and eat it on our way to a workout to make sure we have a properly fueled stomach. 

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