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Rawvelo Tryout Pack




What we think

This is the ultimate tryout pack of organic fuel from Rawvelo!

The organic offerings from Rawvelo are about as "raw" as it gets for sports nutrition.

They have a range of plant-based, organic performance nutrition. Why settle for the same old energy gels when you can experience the raw difference? They make no compromises, because a natural product can taste good and aid in peak performance.

What You Get:

  • 5x Energy Bars
  • 3x Energy Gels
  • 2x Hydration Drink Mix (25g sachets)

The Energy Bar

The Rawvelo bars are a game-changer because they rank low on the glycemic index as compared to other products, ensuring you experience sustained energy release during exercise – no sudden spike and crash.

Every whole food ingredient in these bars is carefully selected for its top-notch nutritional profile, and they're blended to enhance the bioavailability of essential vitamins and minerals. 

The Energy Gels

We know that digestive issues from traditional gels are a real concern for athletes, especially when you're competing at an extremely high effort. That's why we're excited about the gels from Rawvelo. They're clean, natural (really), and gentle on your stomach. They pack 20g of carbohydrates and natural electrolytes for an amazing real-food alternative.

The Hydration Drink Mix

We love the idea of natural hydration methods, but often they're hard to get right. Rawvelo meets these needs while delivering a clean hydration.

With a tasty combination of coconut water powder, natural sugars and Himalayan sea salt, the Rawvelo hydration mixes provide a full electrolyte profile to meet proper hydration needs. Its clean ingredients provide over 20g of carbohydrates and 400mg of sodium, matching that of what we'd say is the sweet spot for both fuel and hydration.


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