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Rawvelo Organic Energy Bar




What we think

The Organic Energy Bar from Rawvelo is about as "raw" as it gets for sports nutrition.

They have a range of plant-based, organic performance nutrition. What's in it? Ingredients you know and can pronounce. With dates, oats, and nuts as a base, they just add real food sweeteners to get some amazing flavors. They make no compromises, because a natural product can taste good and aid in peak performance.

What's special about the Rawvelo Bar?

The Rawvelo bars are a game-changer because they rank low on the glycemic index as compared to other products, ensuring you experience sustained energy release during exercise – no sudden spike and crash.

Every whole food ingredient in these bars is carefully selected for its top-notch nutritional profile, and they're blended to enhance the bioavailability of essential vitamins and minerals. 

Here's the best part: all the bars are cold-pressed and never baked, which means they preserve all the raw ingredients' nutritional benefits. No refined sugars, no preservatives, no artificial additives – just pure, natural, and energy-rich goodness.

How to Use It:

Enjoy before, during or after exercise as an energy-dense and super clean fuel! They're great for long days in the mountains or big training sessions where you want more than just sugary snacks.

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